You’re here: Westchester Sound Recording Studio, a home-based music and vocal recording studio in Bakersfield’s historic Westchester neighborhood!

We aim to provide the following important items for the duration of your awesome recording project:

  • A relaxed and comfortable environment with great just-right live acoustics, either in a smaller separate home office setting, or in the larger mid-century home living area with original hardwood floors and plaster walls.
  • A great, classic Americana neighborhood within walking distance of some of the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, and hotels in historic downtown Bakersfield.
  • A back-to-basics approach to digital recording, utilizing well-reviewed industry equipment that’s perfect for a home recording environment. We don’t believe in over-complicating the recording process or buying unnecessary equipment to accomplish the same quality of finished product as the larger recording studios.
  • Pride of craftsmanship and a focus on using the available equipment to best of our ability.
  • A sense of value in obtaining great recordings for very reasonable rates.
  • And most importantly, personal ownership of each and every project by our studio. Your dream becomes our dream, and your artistic footprint becomes one of our cherished accomplishments.

We’re glad you stopped by! Please check out the menus above to find out more about our setup, our services, and how to get in contact with the studio to setup a free consultation so that your artistic ideas can come to life.