14890535_10211107355224285_8624266356762298508_oJeremy Bridgman started Westchester Sound Recording Studio in 2016 after a number of musician friends requested his services to help get their music out into the hands of the public. He was involved in a number of recording projects as a drummer, where he fell in love with the recording process. After playing in a number of bands throughout the years, he decided to put his self-taught recording skills to good use for the benefit of other local musicians who were looking to get their unique musical sounds out into the world for all to enjoy.

He is married with 4 kids, and the entire family shares a love of music and other creative arts. His wife Talia teaches piano.

Jeremy also employs his voice for recordings of any type at http://www.VoiceByJeremy.com. Check it out if you need a vocal recording for audio and visual projects, advertisements, phone systems, narrations, and more!

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